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Jim Mingle
President & CEO

Jim Mingle is President & CEO of MyCareTeam, Inc. and has over 20 years of marketing, sales, and executive management experience in the medical software and high tech software industry. Mr. Mingle has a proven track record of building companies and new divisions of companies to generate profitable revenue and programs that allow stockholders, founders, and investors to obtain value for their work and investments.

Prior to founding MyCareTeam, Mr. Mingle was an Operating Partner & MGP at VenGrowth in Toronto, Canada.  As the designated turnaround partner, Mr. Mingle ran operational committees within VenGrowth and investment companies. He was actively involved with managing five investments during his tenure at VenGrowth. Mr. Mingle was acting CEO for two companies and ran the operational committee for three.  Four of the five companies were restructured by Mr. Mingle and became profitable.

Before joining VenGrowth, Mr. Mingle was President/COO of The Mesa Group (Newton, Ma.) which he helped sell to Microsoft.  Mesa was profitable every quarter since Mr. Mingle joined the company and doubled sales every quarter until the company was purchased by Microsoft. Additionally, Mr. Mingle served as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing and head of the U.S. Operations at LinkAge Software, Inc. which was sold to Microsoft.  

Before LinkAge, Mr. Mingle was Director of Worldwide Sales in the Emerging Product Group at Lotus Development Corporation. At Lotus, Mr. Mingle helped build a new specialist sales team that focused on orphaned or new products.  Mr. Mingle’s experience at Lotus also included building Lotus’ vertical focused sales organization to call on independent software vendors in the medical industry to develop or port their applications to Lotus Notes.

Mr. Mingle’s experience includes selling MUMPS, which stands for Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-programming System.  Mumps-based systems were deployed heavily into the medical field, including the Veteran’s Administration, Harvard Health, Mass. General Hospital, and thousands of software vendors developing applications for the medical industry.

Mr. Mingle holds a BS degree in Industrial Management from Northeastern University where he graduated with high honors.


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