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Advisory Board

MyCareTeam's advisory board is headed by Paul Madden and comprised of talented and experienced members who are well-known for their contributions in the medical field and to the software industry.

Nicole Johnson

International Diabetes Advocate

Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999, is an international diabetes advocate.   She is the host of a popular TV show that is focused on diabetes, dLife.  In addition, Ms. Johnson travels extensively, promoting awareness, prevention, and early detection of diabetes. She works as a lobbyist and advisor for patient groups and biotech companies, spending much of her time engaging lawmakers at both the state and federal levels on all diabetes-related matters.

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Margie Lawlor

M.S., Certified Diabetes Educator, Joslin Diabetes Center

Margie Lawlor is a member of the Board of Directors for the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE).  She is also Chair, Chapter President’s Council of the AADE.  Ms. Lawlor is a certified diabetes educator for Joslin and is the Coordinator of Clinical Research & Education in Pediatrics.  Ms. Lawlor has authored numerous articles on topics of interest in the area of diabetes and is a frequent lecturer on the subject.  Affiliations with the Diabetes Educators of Eastern Massachusetts (DEEM) include Newsletter Editor, The Beacon – DEEM, Executive, Nominating Committees, President-Elect (DEEM), and President (DEEM).

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Martin Mullins

Vice President , Whitehead Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts

As Vice President at the Whitehead Institute, Martin Mullins is responsible

for the management and commercialization of intellectual property, communication and public affairs, government relations, development, and strategic planning. Previously, Mr. Mullins was Director of Research & Innovation Services at Trinity College, where he was the executive responsible for the development of business from the college's research portfolio.    Prior to Trinity College, Mr. Mullins was the executive at Georgetown University responsible for the overall leadership, management, and organization of Georgetown University’s technology commercialization initiatives.  In addition, Mr. Mullins served as the Director of Technology Licensing for the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and as Associate Vice President for Licensing and Director of the Office of Technology Transfer at Case Western Reserve University.

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Dr. Deborah Pressman

Medical Director of Fontaine Medical Center

Dr. Pressman oversees the Internal Medicine Practice at the Fontaine Medical Center in Harwich, Massachusetts.  She specializes in the medical aspects of endocrinology, anorexia, and bulimia.  Previously, Dr. Pressman was an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Allegheny Health College of Pennsylvania and completed her internal medicine residency at the Graduate Hospital of University of Pennsylvania.

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Tom Reilly

Vice President of Enterprise Master Data Solutions, IBM Corporation

Tom Reilly brings over 20 years of experience in the enterprise software industry to his advisory role at MyCareTeam. He also brings a wealth of first-hand knowledge about diabetes, having had Type 1 diabetes for 16 years. In his current role at IBM, he works with large healthcare, retail, banking, insurance, and automotive companies to solve their enterprise information management challenges.  Before joining IBM, Mr. Reilly was CEO of Trigo Technologies and has held numerous executive positions throughout his career, including Lotus, BroadQuest, and now IBM.  Mr. Reilly is an active board advisor to many technology start-ups, growth companies, and venture firms.

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Dr. Howard Wolpert

Senior Physician, Joslin Diabetes Center

Dr. Wolpert currently serves as a Senior Physician in the Joslin Clinic Section on Adult Diabetes and as the Director of the Insulin Pump Program for Joslin.  Dr. Wolpert has long been involved in the clinical aspects  of insulin therapy and is the editor of Smart Pumping, published by the American Diabetes Association, and Managing Diabetes with an Insulin Pump: Indications and Interventions, published by Joslin Diabetes Center.

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