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MyCareTeam allows individuals with diabetes and their care providers to collaborate and monitor glucose levels across the Internet.  Patients with diabetes use MyCareTeam to regularly transmit their blood glucose readings directly from their glucose meters to a secure database via the Internet or standard phone lines.  Once the data is stored, physicians, care providers, and family members can use the tool to monitor glucose levels, understand lab values, and examine the effects that exercise and diet have on a patient’s health.

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Because MyCareTeam data and reports are accessible over the Internet, care providers and family members, with permission, can monitor family members—regardless of location.  For example, a parent can monitor a child’s glucose data while the child is away at college, and an elderly parent living in Florida can be easily monitored by a grown child who lives in Boston.

Weight Management

MyCareTeam includes features that enable the user to manage his or her weight. Specifically, MyCareTeam monitors and tracks weight (including meal planning, calorie count, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, etc.), pulse, blood pressure, exercise and medication. All of this information can be securely shared electronically with the user's caregivers, thereby making it easy for those with weight management issues to collaborate with their caregivers in order to effectively manage weight. MyCareTeam members use the software to monitor weight levels, understand lab values and examine the effects that exercise and diet have on health. Users can also receive advice and information from their caregivers via MyCareTeam's secure messaging environment. All information is recorded in the MyCareTeam database, making it easy for a patient to print off reports and bring them to a doctor's appointment as needed.

Entering weight data into MyCareTeam is fast and easy to do. Users can also record pulse and blood pressure readings and related notes such as diet, exercise and medication history. In addition, MyCareTeam calculates body mass indexes (BMI) automatically. The weight log that is created by MyCareTeam is invaluable and can be shared electronically or in person with a user's caregiver.

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In addition to monitoring diabetes and managing weight, MyCareTeam helps users monitor information pertinent to hypertension such as blood pressure readings weight, diet (including meal planning, calorie count, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, etc.), and exercise. All of the hypertension-related data stored in MyCareTeam creates a profile of valuable information that can be securely shared with the user's caregivers electronically and allows the user to work closer with caregivers to build the most appropriate hypertension treatment plan. Entering hypertension data is as simple as entering data for weight management. Users enter their blood pressure (systolic, diastolic and pulse reading) and other health related information directly into a secure database via the Internet. Reports can then be generated from the data and shared electronically or in print form with caregivers.

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